Chargeback Pitfalls for Startups 

As an emerging business owner, there is so much focus on starting and building your business that worrying about fraudulent chargebacks falls to the wayside. Not a big deal, right? Wrong!

By not focusing on reducing chargebacks and preventing fraud, you are putting your business at risk of losing your merchant account from the processor and ultimately, your ability to accept credit cards. To help prevent this from happening, Cardinal has created the “Chargeback Pitfalls for Startups” guide.

Here you’ll find tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of fraudulent chargebacks, including:

  • the reasons chargebacks occur
  • why you should be concerned about fraudulent chargebacks
  • the true cost of chargebacks
  • what you need to know about understanding VISA and MasterCard’s Chargeback Management Guidelines

And more. To get started, complete the form to the right to download your exclusive, “Chargeback Pitfalls for Startups” guide today.  

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